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Get the latest Chelsea news and transfer updates on Declan Rice, Neymar, and Raphinha.

Thiago Silva, who joined Chelsea as a free agent after being snubbed by PSG, has encouraged Neymar to follow in his footsteps. Silva revealed in an interview last summer that PSG didn’t offer him anything and didn’t plan his farewell, which frustrated him. He suggested that Neymar should consider moving to Chelsea as well.

Manchester United is reportedly interested in Declan Rice after he impressed the coaching staff during West Ham’s victory over the Red Devils. United sees Rice as a player they could build their team around.

Raphinha, on the other hand, denied rumors that he was unhappy at Leeds United and wanted to leave. He wrote a comment on social media, calling the person who made the rumor a liar, and when the comment was deleted, he posted it on his Instagram account.

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