LaLiga President Javier Tebas has confirmed plans aimed at welcoming fans back to stadiums are underway.

Tebas has indicated the organization will hold talks with the government to deliberate on measures to allow at least 3,000 fans in every match in the coming weeks.

LaLiga stadiums have been empty ever since the COVID-19 outbreak back in March, but with the number of new infections gradually reducing, the world is opening up.

“We are going to speak with the Government to put 3,000 people back in the stadiums.

“There are areas in Spain like the Canary Islands, the Baleares, or Madrid where they are already in a position to accommodate fans.

“Right now, the government wants legislation for all of Spain but that is not possible.”

LaLiga will become the second league across Europe’s top-five to allow fans to return to stadiums, following the Premier League’s announcement early this week.

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